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who is Kiki & Co?

Let's have a Kiki.

Did you know that the word ‘Kiki” means a ‘social gathering, relaxing with friends and sharing stories’.

One of the best things about coffee? Wouldn’t you agree?

Kiki & Co Coffee is a specialty coffee roasting company. 

Currently, we have 3 unique blends to accommodate the Australian market, including our ever popular ‘Kari’ organic blend. 

Why Kiki & Co

That is a great question. As Kiki means catching up with friends well I thought for starters this was perfect.

My favourite thing is to catch up with family and friends, with some coffee to help me keep up the energy throughout the day. 

Whether it means catching up with a friend at a local cafe or making my coffee for friends at home. I wanted to share my favourite coffee blends with you to do the same.

Our little family is located on the NSW Central Coast and personally love nothing more than relaxing by the beach. 

One of my favourite places where I live. You will regularly find me hanging out here usually with a coffee in hand,

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